JHBrandt Acoustic Designs is a company specialized in Acoustics Design & Consulting located in Bekasi, Indonesia and was founded by John H. Brandt. We provide world-wide design and consulting services for Professional Music Studios, Commercial Video and Cinema Facilities, Home Recording Studios, Home Theaters, Multimedia Presentation / Conference Rooms, Performance and Entertainment Spaces, Educational Facilities, and Industrial Acoustical Applications. Learn more about us below.

We provide a unique service based mainly on remote, off-site consultation (site visits are rarely made) making use of modern and inexpensive communication technologies. Consultation is done using email, phone, text chat and video-conference. Plans are drawn up and coordinated with the various team participants, architects, builders, engineers, and other involved

parties. Projects are coordinated through regular photo and video inspection until the project is finished. We do not rest until expectations are met through accurate field measurements that validate the successful completion of the project.

This business model allows us to offer our services at fraction of the cost of the competition, thus enabling our clients to save thousands of dollars and reduce CAPEX of new infrastructures.

From multi-room, audio and video production facilities built from the ground up to garage and basement home studios, we have the experience and knowledge to meet your most demanding specification criteria. Let us help you early in the critical planning stage and lead you to professional results!